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5 a day for your mind


Are you getting your 5 a day? We all know that healthy food is so important for our wellbeing but do you also pay the same attention to the diet of thoughts you feed yourself. It is so easy in everyday life to get caught up in busy anxious thoughts. Did you know that these actually cannot exist in the mind at the same time as thoughts of gratitude or thoughts of something that makes your heart sing. These are the thoughts that are really nutritious for you
Could you commit to getting 5 a day for your mind as well as your body !


What about making the homepage on your computer an image that makes your heart sing, why not change the background on your phone to something that inspires you. Whenever you use them just take a moment to really take in your chosen images and allow a cascade of positive associations to flood through your mind.
This is my home page , whenever I open my laptop and look at these amazing jelly fish I can’t help but feel a moment of relaxation at the memory of them drifting and floating, floating and drifting.

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