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Anchoring your boat

Hypnotherapy isn’t magic but if you ask some clients it almost feels like it is !

If you have been caught in a perpetual loop of thoughts such as not being good enough, being held back by something from your past, feeling compelled to keep doing something you want to stop, or whatever other unhelpful thought scenario comes to mind, then being free of these thoughts can feel like a miracle.

Would you be interested to know about some of the techniques we use in a hypnotherapy session to change such thought patterns, that you are probably already using or could now begin to use in your everyday life. However remember that in a hypnotherapy session you would be in trance and bypassing the interference of the conscious mind makes these techniques much more effective.


One such technique is anchoring. This is when you subconsciously attach certain thoughts, feelings or responses to a particular trigger.

You are probably already doing this, for many people sitting down with a cup to tea, coffee or glass of wine is a trigger to feelings of letting go and relaxation.


Even if you are in a situation not conducive to relaxation the tea has been shown to invoke a positive reaction through anchoring – the British ‘ cup of tea’ response to any crisis does have a scientific rationale !


Sometimes people think all the relaxing effects are from alcohol but psychology experiments have shown that in many cases the relaxation response is triggered far too quickly for alcohol to have had the effect on the brain. It is the anchoring of feelings and associations that initially makes you feel good.

For some their good feelings are anchored to specific foods and again the positive feelings come before the food can be digested and have an effect. Can you start to see how anchoring could be a double edged sword and can be the root of comfort eating. Not addressing this, and just focusing on will power to eat less, is one of the reasons that dieting fails so part of a hypnotherapeutic approach to losing weight is to undo the old anchors and help embed new supportive ones in the unconscious mind.


Can you see where you are using anchoring in your everyday life and that in some scenarios it is helping you but in others it acting against you. Can you identify your negative anchors ? Phobias are obvious ones but there are many others, what about being in a certain situation or being with a particular person triggering negative feelings – such as lack of confidence or inadequacy?

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Do you feel, like many people, at the mercy of your thoughts, like they come out of nowhere and hijack you ? It may feel like that, but they are not coming from nowhere, they are anchored in your unconscious mind. As these anchors are an integral part of our daily life , wouldn’t it be good to start taking some control over those that are influencing you ?

Becoming aware is the first step , then thinking what positive resourceful feelings you could attach to certain objects or situations in your everyday life would be beneficial, and practise with these until the feelings and thoughts become automatic. Are you struggling to think what you could do ? I will give you some real live examples in the next post. However remember anchors are based in our unconscious mind and if you want some help to undo those anchors that are hindering you and help embed new ones that can support you this is an area where hypnotherapy bypassing the conscious mind could help.

Think how different your everyday life would be if you had positive, resourceful, confident feelings on tap and you could start living from the inside out not the outside in ?!

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