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Comparison – the thief of joy

Are you thinking about what other games could be considered metaphors?

Have you ever thought how often you play Top Trumps as a game of life ?


Sharks was a favourite one in our house !

All Top Trumps games epitomise comparison and striving to be better than everyone else in the various categories. At times could this also be a metaphor for your life ?

Do you subconsciously score yourself in regards to such attributes as success, achievements, power, attractiveness and then at some level make your self worth dependent on this score. Perhaps you forget you are comparing your insides with other people’s ‘Facebook perfect’ outsides and end up with sense of unease, insecurity or lack of confidence or do you slip into a state where you are continually judging and can only feel good about yourself if your imaginary score matches or is better than those around you.

Both quite precarious positions to be in – don’t you agree !


So is the only way forward to throw away the whole pack ?

Maybe – but perhaps you might consider keeping hold of your own card.
Thinking about your own hypothetical card can be a positive exercise in getting to know yourself. If you had only 6 or 8 categories what would be the values you would decide were really important to you. Deep seated feelings of ‘ not being good enough ‘ and ‘not being loveable ‘ are at the root of so many people’s issues and struggles in life – are these high scoring negative categories on the Top Trump card of your life ?

What if you were to make a decision that instead of comparing yourself to other people you will now lovingly accept yourself and live your life from that place. Why not decide today your only comparison will be to how you used to be ( row your own boat and just leave others to get on with rowing theirs !)


Put your focus on encouraging yourself to improve as you move forward. Maybe finding positive ways to build your confidence, coming for hypnotherapy, finding a way to contribute or be part of a community could all help in building up your sense of self worth independent of anyone else.

Wouldn’t it be great to move forward in the game of your life feeling you had excellent scores in ‘ being good enough’ and ‘loveability.

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