Hypnotherapy and more..........

Eyes, toes and pink elephants !

At the moment I am on a month’s free trial of contact lenses. I knew it might take a little while to get used to putting them in – but hey I’m a hypnotherapist I can use self hypnosis and visualise myself being successful – what could go wrong ?

Everything !

I found it a real struggle to get the lenses in. Every time I got near my eyes they wouldn’t stop blinking, even being in my calm therapy room with relaxing music didn’t help. Everybody kept suggesting I stop over thinking it. Easier said than done, for me and also for many of my clients who are overthinking a problem when they come to see me. That saying ‘ Don’t think of a pink elephant’ came to mind.

I know the only way to stop seeing a pink elephant is to replace it with a green giraffe. I suddenly realised my green giraffe could be switching my focus from my eyes to my toes the very next time I tried to put the lenses in.

A great improvement – now only 4 or 5 attempts !

Then another idea came from my unconscious mind. Why not add to the change of focus some positive visualisation with a touch of humour and absurdity. This is often a really good combination in hypnotherapy, when trying to collapse a cycle of unhelpful thinking.


So next time as I brought the lens up to my eye, I imagined placing it perfectly in between my big and second toes. Success the very first time and each time since.

No pink elephants in my mind now just green giraffes !

Are you overthinking a problem in your life ? What could your green giraffe solution be? If you feel stuck you could always consider hypnotherapy to help.

Now I am loving the freedom of wearing contact lenses and my only problem is what do I say at my follow up appointment when they ask me how I am getting on. Do I risk in the middle of Specsavers being thought completely mad and saying – ‘Great, now I am putting them in between my toes’!

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