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Games of Life


I love the game of Pictionary
Unfortunately it proved too heavy for our luggage allowance so on holiday we made do with the much lighter Uno instead !

Another great universal game and anyway probably much more suited to whiling away lazy hours relaxing in mediterranean cafes in shady plazas. Why does playing Pictionary always seems to get so loud and boisterous !

However all this got me thinking again about games as a metaphor for life. Pictionary is just like our unconscious mind relying on images and symbols for communication. The best pictionary drawings are not necessarily those that display a true representation drawn with every single detail, actually these can often waste time and derail the thinking process. Aren’t the best pictures those that really epitomise the subject in a few deft strokes.

Now I know there isn’t a pictionary card with the subject “the beneficial effects of Hypnotherapy ” but if there was I think this would be a great drawing to represent it.



Perhaps the game of Pictionary can also be a good metaphor for life. Maybe it’s better to focus on the true essence of what we want, love, happiness and security and not get derailed by trying to control the details and minutiae. Sometimes changing focus to looking at the bigger picture means we can let go of our anxiety and then trust that our experiences will play out, just as they should, in our everyday lives.

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