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Life solutions in a cappuccino ?

Does this just look like a cup of coffee to you ?


To my friend Annie it is the anchor that triggers wonderful feelings of being young, invincible, in love and that the world is full of endless possibilities and all that for only £2.35 at a local coffee shop ! Annie feels her cappuccino anchor has had a profound effect in her life and wanted me to share her story.

About 20 years ago feeling overwhelmed by a colicky baby, teetering on the brink of post natal depression and questioning whether she was in the right marriage and right job, Annie was given the unexpected chance to have a morning to herelf. At that time coffee shops weren’t as prevalent as they are now but near to where she lived there was an italian deli that had a small area at the back where they served coffee so she decided to go there for a bit of peace and quiet.

Barista prepares espresso in his coffeeshop; close-up

As she opened the door the smell of coffee ( smell is one of the most evocative anchors you can use – but not so practical in a hypnotherapy session !) powerfully transported her back to ten years previously when following her A levels she had spent a glorious summer in Siena being an au pair to a sweet little girl called Gulia.


The sun had shone everyday, she had fallen in love for the first time, and her eyes had been opened to a whole new world of possibility and opportunities.


Most mornings in her few hours free of duties she would meet Marco in a cafe nearby, drink cappuccino in the sun and bask in these wonderful life affirming feelings. That rainy November day in a North London coffee shop, triggered by the smell of coffee, Annie got a glimpse of those wonderful feelings again.

Some might say that she began to feel better because the baby’s colic stopped, she started to get some sleep, changed her job and they managed to find a way through the marriage problems but Annie is convinced that her coffee shop experience was her turning point.

Realising that a simple cappuccino was a powerful anchor of good feelings that could help her live her life, Annie has made visiting a coffee shop by herself a regular part of her life and after 20 years you can imagine how strongly this pattern is ingrained. Now if Annie needs a top up of those feelings when facing a challenge at home or work she only needs to imagine sipping that cappuccino and they come flooding into her mind.

Annie found her anchor by accident and it would be wonderful if you did the same but do you really just want to leave it to chance? Don’t you want to take the oars and start rowing your own boat ? Can you see that your thoughts don’t always have to come from what is happening on the outside . Just like Annie, you could also find a way to tap into your own positive resourceful feelings from the inside. Is there a smell that is particularly evocative for you, the taste of a particular food, a piece of music. Can you relax and remember a time when you felt really good and anchor those feelings in an action like pressing your thumb and finger together.

How could you use this to open up your thinking and give yourself new internal resources to deal with any situation you may be facing. I love this quote by the Dalai Lama

‘The mind is like a parachute it works best when open’


How can you open up your mind today and like Annie start using your thoughts to support you ?

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