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Meaning in the mundane

This week while I was shopping in Sainsbury’s I came across a lovely little scene. There was a little girl of about 2 or 3, sitting in the trolley happily singing to herself.


Immediately this set off a series of thoughts in my mind. Initially a pang of poignancy, remembering how lovely it was when I had a sweet cuddly toddler, but then I looked at her mum and my memories were tempered with a dose of realism. The continuous loop of the same song looked like it was getting rather wearing and I am also sure part of her was wondering whether they were going to get out of the shop without a tantrum this time. The song came to an end and the little girl took a breath and then started again…this was the song


My next thought was a memory of something I read a long time ago, unfortunately I can’t remember the book or who wrote it but it introduced me to the idea that ” Row, row, row your boat” was a profound metaphor for life. Does that sound crazy to you !!? Well here is that analysis as I remember it –

Row, row, row

it is important that you live your life, take action, row, don’t just drift in your boat or let someone else take the oars, either type of passivity could take you where you don’t want to be.

your boat

it is your boat, your life, only you that you can change. Don’t try to row anybody else boat or try and control or change anyone else.


gentleness is a great quality to live your life by, that way you won’t fall out of your boat or risk capsising and will probably get to your destination even quicker. Be gentle with others but especially be gentle with yourself, no more berating yourself or calling yourself names, be your own best friend !

down the stream

you won’t get very far and will wear yourself out by trying to row upstream, against your own resistance. Don’t waste your energy on things that cannot be changed, acceptance is about coming to terms with what is and from there moving forward down your stream.

merrily, merrily, merrily, merrily

we only have one life, find enjoyment where you can. Try not to get so overwhelmed by the to do list, the stresses the mundanity of life. Where can you find enjoyment in the small things, merrily rowing your boat ?


life is but a dream.

This last line could be open to so many interpretations, what is yours ?

It could be life is as fleeting as a dream, appreciate it while you can.
You might hold a belief that this life is not all there is and is only a dream compared to the bigger picture you hold true.
You might feel that it is a message to you, not to be too rigid and attached as life is like a dream and all could change in an instant, so cultivate the art of going with the flow.
Maybe it is a completely different interpretation for you !

So just a simple nursery rhyme or a profound analysis of life – what do you think ?

Either way I hope you won’t curse me today when you find you are singing to yourself and can’t get this little song out of your mind !!

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