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Mind your own biscuits !

How are you getting on with your ‘ subtraction ‘ homework.




Letting go of our need to control others, our judgements and comparisons is the key to happiness but it isn’t always easy is it?!

Accepting it is never what happens to us that causes us stress, but what we think about it that does, can be a challenge.

We may know that on an intellectual level but once you are in a situation with that person in front of you, saying and doing all those things that push your buttons, before you know it you automatically go down the path of judgment and comparison and feeling bad again.



The mind often takes this short cut without awareness so it seems like ‘they’ have caused the bad feelings in you whereas in fact it wasn’t them it was your thoughts all along !

Realising this does put the power of change in your court though, no need to wait for them to change before you can feel good but it can also feel like a big responsibility , sometimes it is easier to blame others isn’t it ?!

All religions, spiritual teachings and practices have this message in common because it is a universal truth. Sometimes, however, the mind can object and hear all this as control, shoulds and oughts and judge these messages as shame and blame and want to rebel.

Sometimes the mind responds better to a different approach.

What about this message in music !


mind biscuits


There is really interesting research that has been done with people with advanced Alzheimer’s disease. Even after they have lost all short term memory teaching them something completely new as lyrics of a song set to music means they can retain and remember it, whereas just using words they can’t.

Could you use this song on You Tube to utilise a different pathway of your brain to remind yourself to let go of judgements , control and comparisons.



Good luck with  Minding Your Own Biscuits  today !

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