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Planting seeds of change

Ideas for new blog posts often come to me when I am walking Monty. He loves to run in Ashton Court but today he had to have a local pavement walk as I needed to get back early to see a client. As we walked along I was wondering about what metaphor or image I could use to help explain the mechanism of change. Metaphors, images and stories are the language of hypnotherapists because they are the language of the unconscious mind. Just as I was wondering I came across these beautiful red and yellow poppies.


The flowers were vibrant and vivid in colour and the leaves luscious and green , both strong sturdy plants. However neither was planted in a flower bed with regular watering or fertiliser. I’m not sure if you can see from the photos but both were growing from teeny tiny cracks between the pavement and wall. Obviously the poppy seeds had managed to find a small space in the hard rigid roadside and from this seemingly inhospitable start these lovely plants and flowers had grown.


Here was my metaphor ……….The Seeds of Change !

When you really analyse it, all change starts with our thoughts.

Change your thoughts and you change your experience of life. Simple but not always easy !

But just like poppy seeds, the seeds of change can also grow from the tiniest cracks in the hard rigidness of our thinking.


What do you want to change – What could open up such a space for you ?

Perhaps you could start to question your thoughts and be open to the possibility that you might be able to view your situation in a slightly different way. Can you be absolutely certain that what you are thinking is true, if not does that change the perspectacles you are using to view the world ? Could you let go of some of your preconceived ideas and become open to a different point of view or perspective. If this sounds good in theory but feels impossible in practice then hypnotherapy could help.

Remember it doesn’t require much, the tiniest of openings is enough for a seed to take hold and grow !

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