Hypnotherapy and addictions

Changing addictive behaviour for good.


Do you want to give up smoking ?
I'm sure you know all the risks, your family want you to give up, other people seem to manage it so why can't you?
Do you tell yourself that you have a strong physical addiction to nicotine so it's too hard.
Perhaps you've tried before and not been successful so have now added the burden of failure to your self esteem.

Why not make a commitment to STOP smoking with hypnotherapy - now.

Many people's perception is that nicotine is highly addictive because they are struggling with giving up smoking. However physically the nicotine is completely out of your system within three days and the physical cravings are usually gone after two weeks. After that it is only a psychological dependence that sucks you back in.

If you are determined to STOP, hypnotherapy can really help. It helps you relax through the initial withdrawal and boosts your will power to get you through the first couple of weeks when there may be some physical cravings. However its most powerful effect is in resetting your mind to view yourself as a non smoker and by replacing the old pattern of thoughts of smoking with new supportive non smoking ones.

As your commitment is vital I will ask you to sign up and pay, in advance, for 3 sessions a week apart. In between I will ask you to listen to a 15 min audio recording which will consolidate the work we do in the sessions. Don't be surprised if you start off well, full of determination, but then find that a part of you is resisting, big time. Often people start smoking as part of their teenage rebellion and that part of the mind might still be harbouring thoughts of not wanting to conform and resisting being told what to do. Don't worry this is perfectly normal and we will address it in the second session with a particular hypnotherapy technique that is very effective in this sort of scenario.

Don't make anything an excuse to give up 'giving up'!
Start looking for excuses to succeed !



Are you aware you are drinking too much. Are you watching the clock till you can have that first drink or reliant on it to deal with stress and help you sleep. Have you tried to cut down but find it too hard and even maybe started to drink more when you felt constrained.

If so why not get in touch and see how hypnotherapy could help you regain control over your drinking and your life.



Are you beginning to be aware it isn't because you are greedy that you find yourself eating too much, it isn't because you are lazy that you can't lose weight. You are having problems because you are addicted to food ( or actually sugar and sugary carbohydrates)

Some people say it is hard to deal with a food addiction as you can't completely stop eating as you need food to live. However you can safely give up or massively cut down on sugar ( and the carbohydrates that act exactly like sugar in your blood stream). Nobody needs this in their diets.

The sugar withdrawal cravings may last a few days but that's where hypnotherapy can support you. Once through that you'll be amazed at the benefits of having a stable blood sugar, being craving free, and having a clear head and a balanced mood.

As with all addictions sugar addiction is both physical and physchological. Your unconscious mind has mistakenly associated sugar and carbs for comfort and love. Hypnotherapy can help you unpick these associations and replace them with positive patterns of thought. This is much more likely to succeed than willpower in our modern day life where there seems to be an endless supply of empty sugary carbs always available.

If this sounds like you and you would like to deal with your food addiction please get in touch.


Other addictive behaviour

If you have any other addictive behaviour , gambling etc then hypnotherapy could also help you. Your problem is, that at the moment, your unconscious mind believes these behaviours fulfil some vital need. Hypnotherapy can help you uncover and adapt your unconscious thinking, then watch the positive changes in your behaviour follow.


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