Hypnotherapy and cancer

Dealing with a cancer diagnosis, treatment and beyond.

I have had over 10 years of experience as a doctor at the well renowned national cancer charity Penny Brohn Cancer Care. During that time I have seen numerous clients who have been dealing with the shock of a cancer diagnosis, contending with the various treatments and finding their way forward living with cancer.

Research shows that the mind has a huge effect on the body and from my experience as a doctor there I am convinced that hypnotherapy has a vital role to play in all parts of the cancer journey.

Hypnotherapy can help you process and assimilate all that you are going through, help you come to a place of acceptance not resignation and help you find the best way forward for you.

Lots of my clients have found the positive effects of imagery have reduced side effects from their treatment and have helped them cope with the stress. Together we can explore what images hold significance for you, and when you are happy with yours, I will record your own tailor made audio tape. This can be used regularly for relaxation and stress reduction both at home and when you are attending for treatment.

You may have been given a prognosis but hypnotherapy can help you realise that you are not a statistic and nobody can accurately predict what will happen to you. It is important to foster hope , not false hope but more a sense of the possibilities that exist along side the probabilities.

If all this resonates with you then please get in touch. Why not come for one of the free 30 minute consultations, we can then talk more about how hypnotherapy could specifically help you in your journey with cancer.


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