Hypnotherapy and weight loss

Reaching and maintaining your healthy weight

Do you really want to lose weight ?
Have you gradually got heavier over the years , know it's not good for your health and hate the way it makes you feel but whatever you try doesn't seem to work and you give up demoralised.

Have you dieted through the years and lost the same few pounds or even stones over and over again. Whatever you do you can't seem to stay at this lower weight and before you know it you are back where you started or weigh even more.

Have you got confused about what now constitutes a healthy way to lose weight. All those years we were told we should be eating low fat and little and often and now we know this was completely wrong.

People used to blame their weight on their hormones but they were ridiculed and told its very simple, a calorie is just a calorie, just eat less and move more and then you will lose weight. This was unsustainable and unsuccessful for many people.

We now know that weight gain and loss is a much more complex matter. It is not true that a calorie is just a calorie and hormones do play a great part in what happens. Insulin is a hormone that stores sugar as fat and stops fat being broken down and used by the body. Insulin is raised by any carbs you eat ( especially processed ones) and to a lesser extent by protein. Can you then appreciate that if you eat a diet high in carbs and/or eat very frequently even if you are eating relatively few calories your insulin will stay raised a lot of the time and will never drop low enough for you to break down the fat that you are storing.

Scientists now know that when you eat can be as important as what you eat and some people have had great success with intermittent fasting. Stress also plays an integral part in weight gain not just because people comfort eat to deal with stress but also because the stress hormones directly act on insulin and the other hormones involved in fat storage. Disrupting hormones through lack of sleep can also lead to weight gain.

So does that all seem so complicated that you don't know where to start.

Actually it can be as simple as adopting a lifestyle where you look after all aspects of yourself rather than focusing on depriving your self of food. Various studies have shown diets don't work for weight loss but small consistent changes in lifestyle do. Things like

Keeping your blood sugar stable and low by eating

Small nutritious balanced meals with time in between eating for your insulin levels to drop

Cutting out sugar and processed foods

Reducing your stress by practising relaxation and exercising especially walking

Getting plenty of good quality sleep

Addressing any comfort eating

Hypnotherapy can really help you adopt such lifestyle changes.

Positive suggestions during trance can help your will power when you are establishing new habits until they just take on a life of their own. Hypnotherapy can switch your focus to realistic long term goals and reduce your likelihood of giving up. It can also help you let go of any attachment you might have to sugary food. Perhaps at this moment your unconscious mind believes these foods fulfil some vital need. Hypnotherapy helps you uncover this mistaken thinking , and you realise you mind has confused a piece of food with love and feelings of comfort. Once you change this unconscious thinking and get your love and comfort from more appropriate sources then watch the positive changes in your behaviour and your weight loss follow.


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