Hypnotherapy and birth

Preparing for labour and delivery

Hypnotherapy for labour

Using hypnotherapy both to prepare for, and during, labour cannot absolutely guarantee that you will have a perfect experience but it can ensure you have the best possible labour and delivery in your particular circumstances.

Labour and delivery are natural bodily process that are coded deep within our unconscious minds. However in evolutionary terms it is important labour doesn't start or it gets halted if a mother and her new offspring might be in danger. Therefore the fight/ flight response will immediately interfere with labour and delivery.

This is the very same fight/flight response we humans trigger whenever we feel psychological stress. So can you see how fear and anxiety could directly impact your labour and why relaxation is so important. Hypnotherapy will help you learn to relax and during the sessions I will teach you and help you practise self hypnosis so you are confident in using this when labour starts.

We get so many messages about childbirth through films and television, people like to tell their stories of difficult deliveries or you may even have had one yourself. We also have all our own hopes , fears and expectations so it is not at all surprising that these get jumbled together in the mind and can increase stress. If you have had a difficult experience with a previous delivery then the rewind technique is particularly effective in helping you let go of the past and focus positively on this experience instead. During the hypnotherapy process we can address all these thought process in the unconscious mind and encourage supportive thinking instead. Your labour is then much more likely to be shorter and flow more smoothly.

Hypnotherapy can also be powerful in helping with your perception of pain. We know when people relax they feel less pain but also through suggestion while in hypnosis, you can change where your mind puts its attention and this can change your perception. For many mothers practising hypnosis their experience of contractions still remains a very powerful sensation but the perception of pain associated with them is significantly reduced.

If you are pregnant and would like to come for hypnotherapy I would say the sooner the better. We would usually meet for four sessions but these can be spread out during your pregnancy so there is plenty of time in between to practise and get really adept at relaxation / self hypnosis. If you are very close to delivery don't worry, still get in touch and I will still make sure we fit your sessions in.

As with all my clients I will make you an audio file that I encourage you to listen to and practise with daily. I will also make you another recording that you can actually use while you are in labour as some mothers find that really helpful as well.

If you are pregnant and think hypnotherapy might be useful for you, please make an appointment for one of my 30 minute free consultations and we can talk more.

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