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Stop procrastinating now.


Lots of people find procrastination a big problem in their lives. Are there things you want to get done but somehow can’t get round to doing? Do you either defend yourself by making excuses like you don’t have time or worse, berate yourself for being lazy and inefficient.

Did you realise that perfectionism is often behind procrastination. Worrying about doing it right stops you from taking a risk and doing it at all.

Lately I have been procrastinating about writing this website. I had to tell myself that a good enough website on the internet is a million times better than a perfect one that existed only in my head. Once I could see that it was perfectionism stopping me I have worked on it everyday and am really pleased with the results.

Does this also resonate with you , where are you holding back in life, missing out, waiting for everything to be perfect?  Why not take a risk today and just start – if you’re having problems hypnotherapy could help – but always remember the bigger picture – something good enough that you actually do far exceeds a nebulous idea of perfection any day !

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