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Pigs on campus!

Exeter Uni has chosen a novel way to provide stress relief for their students during this exam period. Pigs on campus!

They have realised that telling students to stop stressing is a bit like telling them to stop thinking about those pink elephants.Instead they are using fun and absurdity, both so effective in cutting through unhelpful thought patterns, by suggesting they come for a cuddle with a piglet.

Students come out of the library and their rooms, get into the fresh air and experience a positive change in the focus of their thoughts. Then added to that, the cuddling releases beneficial endorphins and oxytocin, the body’s feel good hormones.

Helpful in so many ways !

I’m sure it’s been positive in providing a stress relieving break for many students – hope the pigs have enjoyed it as well !

Now you might not have a piglet handy but I wonder what absurd and fun ways you could come up with to change the focus of your thoughts and relieve the stress in your day ?

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