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Do you think hypnotherapy can only help by putting you into a trance ?

You might be surprised to hear, that on many occasions it’s actually more about waking you up.

Rear view of a young man waking up in bed and stretching his arm

How so ?
Our minds love being efficient. They spend lots of time setting down automatic unconscious patterns of thoughts, feelings and behaviours, freeing up our conscious minds to concentrate on more important things. Think of some of the things you have learnt throughout your life – walking, riding a bike, learning to drive – when you stop to think about it, aren’t all these now automatic patterns happening outside your conscious awareness.

Well that isn’t a problem, is it ?

Of course not – it can be very beneficial – but what your if brain also lays down automatic patterns that do cause problems in your life.

Overeating, overdrinking and smoking are examples that come to mind. Clients often describe having no conscious recollection but before they know it the jar of biscuits, bottle of wine or packet of cigarettes are finished and the whole process seems a blur.
eaten all the biscuits

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