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Do you want to go deeper and deeper ….

I often find people are fascinated by the idea of hypnotherapy but confused as to what it actually is and the mechanisms by which it works.

I could go into long wordy explanations but as a hypnotherapist I know that using images, stories and metaphors is far more effective in conveying an idea to the unconscious mind than words alone. For example take this image of an iceberg..



Our conscious mind, the part we can easily access and change is just like the tip of this iceberg. However as you may remember from physics lessons and can see from this picture, 9/10 of an iceberg lies beneath the surface. The majority of it is hidden from view just like the inaccessible enormity of our unconscious minds. As you can imagine without a strong intact base the iceberg would soon crack and disintegrate. Unsupportive thoughts , beliefs and memories that we may not even be aware of, deep in our unconscious minds, can have similar disturbing effects in our conscious minds that subsequently play out in our everyday lives.


I am sure you have heard that saying that we only use a small fraction of the power of our minds.

Seeing this image of the iceberg that makes perfect sense !

But are you asking yourself how can you use more of the hidden power beneath the surface of your mind?

Imagine how trying to dive down into the icy water without a proper wet suit and breathing equipment could be a very uncomfortable if not dangerous experience. Even if you were able to do this you would probably only get a quick glimpse of what lies below without any real opportunity to do any lasting work. Sometimes we need external support to do either what we want or need to do.

Perhaps this gives you more of a sense of how hypnotherapy could work for you? Allowing you to comfortably dive beneath the surface, open up a completely new perspective on your life and make the changes you want at a deeper level than you were ever able to do alone.

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