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The key to your unconscious mind

Have you ever wondered about the difference between being hypnotised and experiencing hypnotherapy or perhaps you just thought that these words were synonymous. Well they are related but are actually quite different terms describing different processes.

Hypnosis or going into trance is the way you gain access to your unconscious mind and then once you get there hypnotherapy is a way to help you make the changes that you want.

For a few people just simply going into trance or hypnosis can be enough to allow sufficient shifts in thinking to resolve their problem or issue. It’s almost as if once the conscious mind gets out of the way the wisdom of their unconscious mind can work everything out perfectly without interference.

However most people require further help to shift unhelpful thought patterns, take the emotions out of painful memories and let go of feelings of not being worthy or loveable. As a hypnotherapist I have many ways of guiding you through these processes and would tailor these specifically to you.

I was thinking of an image that might make this clearer and this came to mind.

Do you remember this episode of FRIENDS ?

monica's cupboard




What if we were to think of our unconscious minds as such a cupboard, jam packed with stored memories, old unhelpful thoughts and conditioning. The door is locked but you might have a sense of what lies behind it and a feeling of perhaps what it is that you need to do to sort it out but you can’t be sure. You feel powerless to do anything as the door is locked and perhaps you have just become resigned to that uneasy feeling.

Well hypnosis is your key !



Once you use the key of hypnosis to open your cupboard door it might be perfectly clear what it is you need to do to sort things out. Great !

However more commonly you might feel overwhelmed and completely unsure as to where to start.

Are you nervous about disturbing anything, is there so much stuffed in that you are afraid that it will all come crashing down on top of you and you won’t be able to cope?

As your hypnotherapist I can be like one of those professionals who can help you declutter the cupboard of your mind .

It is your cupboard, you are always in charge and you get to choose what you keep and what goes. Perhaps I can point out things you hadn’t seen lurking at the back of a shelf or find a new way to organise thoughts and memories that you will find supportive rather than sabotaging. As we go through the sessions, examining, sorting and letting go, don’t be surprised at the positive effects that will appear in your life.

You may come for hypnotherapy to deal with one particular problem but you will invariably find positive changes in other aspects of your life too.




For example when I first started practicing hypnotherapy I was amazed at the wider ramifications that something as straightforward as giving up smoking could have. However if you have been living with and believing the thought ‘ I can’t give up cigarettes ‘ actually being successful in doing this can set up a domino reaction in your mind. This can then help you knock down and stop believing all those other ‘ I can’t ‘ thoughts that are influencing you in everyday life.

Hypnotherapy is just like throwing a pebble into the pond of your unconscious mind – I wonder where the positive ripples could travel for you !

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