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The power of small changes


Are you like a lot of my clients who feel change needs to be dramatic to get the results you want?

Do you find yourself trying to change too much and then getting discouraged when you don’t see results straight away?

Are you ready to try a different approach and recognise the power of small changes in your life.

During hypnotherapy I regularly use stories and metaphors to help clients find a new perspective and then their own solution.

This example illustrates the differences a small change can make over time.

Back over time, about a hundred years ago, ships would sail regularly from Liverpool, across the Atlantic to New York, taking expectant and excited families to new lives and opportunities.


Once there was a captain who was distracted and happened to change the setting on his ship’s instruments by just a few degrees.

As you know there are 360 degrees in a circle so one or two degrees is such a small change – isn’t it?

However after sailing such a long distance for over three weeks this seemingly very slight change had become dramatically magnified and taken the ship and all those aboard to a completely different destination. Imagine the families’ surprise to find themselves not in grey and drab New York



rainy new york

buenos aires

buenos house

…………………………………………..but in sunny Buenos Aries instead !!

I wonder if you were committed to making a small change from today onwards whether you can see how your actions could similarly be magnified. Imagine where you would be in a months time, or six months or even a year.

What about taking a moment to listen to your own intuition as to what small change could be beneficial for you.

Perhaps starting to take a walk everyday. ( a study came out only this week showing that a daily walk was far more effective than any other exercise program in being successful in keeping fit and losing weight – it is also so helpful in lifting your mood and more effective at treating mild depression than antidepressants )

Maybe making time to just sit and be mindful for five minutes before you start your day is what you need to deal with the stress that seems to characterise your life at the moment.

I wonder what is coming to mind for you just now. Whatever it is why not make a commitment to try it out.

Why not make that small change for the next month, let go of the need for drama and instantaneous results but instead enjoy the anticipation of your very own metaphorical Buenos Aires carnival that will come in time !



Do you want to go deeper and deeper ….

I often find people are fascinated by the idea of hypnotherapy but confused as to what it actually is and the mechanisms by which it works.

I could go into long wordy explanations but as a hypnotherapist I know that using images, stories and metaphors is far more effective in conveying an idea to the unconscious mind than words alone. For example take this image of an iceberg..



Our conscious mind, the part we can easily access and change is just like the tip of this iceberg. However as you may remember from physics lessons and can see from this picture, 9/10 of an iceberg lies beneath the surface. The majority of it is hidden from view just like the inaccessible enormity of our unconscious minds. As you can imagine without a strong intact base the iceberg would soon crack and disintegrate. Unsupportive thoughts , beliefs and memories that we may not even be aware of, deep in our unconscious minds, can have similar disturbing effects in our conscious minds that subsequently play out in our everyday lives.


I am sure you have heard that saying that we only use a small fraction of the power of our minds.

Seeing this image of the iceberg that makes perfect sense !

But are you asking yourself how can you use more of the hidden power beneath the surface of your mind?

Imagine how trying to dive down into the icy water without a proper wet suit and breathing equipment could be a very uncomfortable if not dangerous experience. Even if you were able to do this you would probably only get a quick glimpse of what lies below without any real opportunity to do any lasting work. Sometimes we need external support to do either what we want or need to do.

Perhaps this gives you more of a sense of how hypnotherapy could work for you? Allowing you to comfortably dive beneath the surface, open up a completely new perspective on your life and make the changes you want at a deeper level than you were ever able to do alone.

Doing is key !

Do you remember how it was when you first started driving a car ?

You probably had to think about it so much and plan every move but now it is completely automatic, requires very little effort and is totally ingrained in your unconscious mind.


That’s probably how it will be with starting to use an anchor. You are now taking the oars of your boat and it might take a little time to get into the rhythm of rowing. Don’t get discouraged if it feels a bit clunky or forced to begin with , it will soon embed in your unconscious mind and just become another part of your routine and life.

The thing is, for an anchor to really have an effect you must keep remembering and doing! It will only work if you use it and will only have a lasting effect if you keep on using it!

It’s just like eating. You have to keep on eating 2 or 3 times a day to nurture your body. We don’t say ‘ Oh well I ate last Tuesday and maybe I’ll be able to fit in another meal next week’ We don’t have to have an internal debate about it, we just know that we need regular nourishment for our bodies and arrange our lives that way. Somehow we don’t think the same way about our minds, perhaps its time to start now, why not start rowing your boat today!

I am a very visual person so it’s not surprising that my anchors tend to be pictures. You might be like Annie and find it is a smell or taste that affects you , or perhaps music is your anchor. One of the wonderful things about looking for your anchors is that you give yourself some focused attention and perhaps get to know the real you again. Would you like to hear about a couple of anchors I use on a daily basis. The first is these jelly fish at the Monterey Aquarium in California that are there every time I open my laptop.


You don’t need to analyse and name all the positive feelings your anchor triggers in you. It is just enough to know that it makes you feel good but if I were pushed to analyse this perhaps it would be a mixture of peace and relaxation, being mesmerised by the beauty and movement of these wonderful creatures mixed with memories of an amazing holiday, exciting new experiences , the warmth of the sunshine and being with those I love. Every time I open my laptop and take a moment to stop and really look at this image I can be flooded with these wonderful feelings.


The other is this Gustav Klimt picture which I have always loved. It hangs above my desk and every day as I sit down there I take another moment to really take in this picture. Again I never analyse the feelings it triggers but just appreciate the warm glow of peace, security, love, the powerful bond of mothering, the beauty of colours and all the other wonderful feelings it engenders.

Over the years I have come to realise that feeding myself with these good feelings daily is just as important as feeding myself with good food. Now that it is part of my everyday life I don’t need to think about it and can relax into what I am doing just as by eating a balanced diet with lots of fresh food means I don’t worry about getting each individual vitamin or nutrient. It just all becomes a natural part of a balanced life.

Health and wellbeing is not just something physical, not just the absence of disease. It is about finding balance in mind, body and spirit.

Shouldn’t that be something that comes naturally ? Well yes that would be great but there are so many competing stresses in our lives today that we might need to start off by putting in a little bit of effort to redress the balance. As you decide to take over the oars and row your own boat you might need to make some conscious changes but rest assured, just like the driving, this will soon become easy and automatic. Doing is key – why not start doing today, don’t you deserve to enjoy the positive feelings of balance in your life.

Do you want to STOP ?


Is there something in your life that you wish you could STOP doing ? Maybe it’s overeating, smoking, buying too much or spending excessive time on the internet.

Maybe you have already exerted a great deal of willpower and stopped for a while but one day you are tired, upset, stressed or overwhelmed and before you know it you are back where you started.
Maybe you haven’t even been able to get this far, perhaps just the idea of stopping seems to make you eat, smoke, spend or scroll even more. It’s as if your unconscious mind is rebelling at the mere thought of you changing.

The reason it seems so difficult to STOP in the long term is that in this moment your unconscious mind believes these behaviours fulfil some vital need. Hypnotherapy helps you uncover and adapt your unconscious thinking, then watch the positive changes in your behaviour follow.

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