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There is nothing wrong with YOU

I see so many people who have an underlying belief or fear that there is something wrong with them. Somehow they feel they are not good enough or are unloveable but this is often not apparent to others or even to themselves in their everyday life. On the surface they may seem content or have a happy go lucky facade. Sometimes this fear and doubt can also be disguised very deeply under a impenetrable veneer of self confidence or even arrogance.


I hold the belief that there is absolutely nothing wrong with you as a person and this strongly underpins all of my therapy sessions.

Hypnotherapy is never about changing who you are – there has never been anything wrong with you at all. However where there may be something unhelpful or ‘wrong’ is in the way that you are thinking which leads to unhelpful behaviour and unwanted consequences in your life.

So can you see that hypnotherapy is about viewing yourself with compassion but at the same time empowering you and providing a tool for you to use to help match your thinking and doing to what you want in your life.

Have you ever told your children when they were doing something naughty “it’s not you I don’t like, it’s the behaviour ! “ Isn’t it time to make that same distinction for yourself.

naughty child

Our unconscious minds are always trying their best and are completely motivated by what they perceive as our best interests.

This can be really hard to believe when you feel so stuck . Perhaps you want to lose weight, stop smoking or start exercising as your health is at risk but you are receiving negative messages ‘ why bother’, ‘start tomorrow instead’, ‘you deserve to treat yourself – you work so hard”. Perhaps you find you are sabotaging yourself in your work or personal relationships. Maybe you feel depressed or anxious, struggling with a phobia or just generally dissatisfied and are asking yourself how on earth can my unconscious think this is in my best interests? Sometimes it can be really hard to believe that your unconscious mind is actually on your side!

The problem is that at this moment there must be a stronger drive within your unconscious thinking to maintain the unwanted behaviour rather than to change. Do you want to get to the root of all this and help all the parts of your mind to start working together for what you actually want and deserve.

Would it be helpful to imagine your thoughts as this tangled ball of threads. Some are thick, some thin, some strong, some weak, some are long and stretch right back to childhood, some are shorter but all are jumbled up in your unconscious mind as this complex mess. Where do you even start to begin to unravel it all, let alone make something useful out of it.


Hypnotherapy gives you a way. Recognise there has never been anything wrong with you, if there has been a problem it was only that you have been caught in this tangle of thoughts.


tapestry of life

Hypnotherapy is about unravelling the threads of thoughts , sorting them out and finding a way to weave this myriad of textures and colours into something both useful and beautiful.

This amazing rich tapestry of your life !

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