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What game are you playing ?

If you were to think of your life as a game – I wonder what game it would be?

Would it be Monopoly ?


Going round and round and round in circles, trying to make money and get property ( or achievements, qualifications or any other external motivator that might be important to you ). Success ultimately being how much money you can hold on to till the end of the game.

Or is it more like Jenga


Rather nerve racking when every move that you make in life is accompanied by an anxiety that any moment everything is going to come crashing down.

If you are interested in changing your perspective I wonder what game you could choose to play. Wouldn’t it be good to choose one that felt both realistic and supportive of the inevitable ups and downs of life ?

What about the good old classic snakes and ladders ?


Isn’t this so like life ? There are ups like ladders and downs like snakes. You never really know what square you are going to land on next. You might have the exhilaration of landing on square 28 and being at the foot of that ladder that takes you right up to square 84. Equally you could feel that things are going really well and then the next moment find yourself sliding back to a place that feels almost like square one!

How could you use this metaphor, of life as a game, to change your perspective? Perhaps it could be about enjoying the ladders but not being too attached to the going up, as who knows what snake lies just around the corner. Seeing the snakes as just part of the game can give a lightness and relaxation about life and a perspective that this might not be the disaster it seems on first viewing.


Remember that not getting what you want is sometimes a wonderful stroke of luck !

Another of my favourite Dalai Lama sayings which really relates to this game. What if that snake you just slid down has taken you to a square that with the next roll of the dice will take you to a bigger ladder that you would never otherwise have encountered.

Of course, in this game as in life, there are no guarantees but the purpose of both is to keep on moving. It is ok to feel disappointed by the snakes but don’t let that stop you from rolling again and moving forward. Enjoy the ladders but with a sense of lightness and a knowledge that if everything changes you will pick yourself up and carry on as who knows what might lie round the corner.

Who would have thought such a simple childhood board game could change your perspective on life, help you cultivate a strong sense of yourself, independent of life ups and downs, and open up your mind to exciting new possibilities.

Your turn to roll the dice !!

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